Owner Greg A Yoder, Going back to the late 1970's nipsco announced that they were raising the electric rates, by 27% or some where close. The light came on, and so the idea started. There has to be a cheaper way to heat and cool with! The answer was geothermal. And that's how it all started. I had been at Inland Steel. I completed an 8000 hour apprenticeship.

So that was of great help! Over 25 years later it still comes in handy. The Slogan of you call we roll, goes back to my high school days, and working on the ambulance service, the phone rang, and you were out the door. Worked then, works now, people call and we get moving.

Here at yoder heating and cooling we have over 25 years in and around Lafayette doing business in the residential / commercial fields so there is not much we haven't seen or done.

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